DiaDerm Regenerating Cream

DiaDerm Regenerating Cream

Indications for use:

Skin with sores, scratches; sites of insulin injections, finger punctures for blood analysis.


DiaDerm Regenerating Cream accelerates skin recovery in areas of minor skin damage. Special cream component “seals” the wound and protects it from the infection. Active ingredients stop capillary bleeding and accelerate skin regeneration process.

Method of application::

As necessary, apply a small amount of cream in areas of minor skin damage

Active ingredients

Hemostatic complex (Salvia L. Oil, Bergenia L. Extract) possess a significant anti-inflammatory, cohesive and hemostatic effects.

Film-forming complex (Larch Resin and Beeswax) “seals” the wound and protects it from contamination.

Antibacterial complex (Salvia L. and Bergenia L. Extracts) protects the wound from bacterial infection.

Regenerating complex (Sea-Buckthorn Oil, Allantoin, Vitamins A, E and C) effectively improves the skin regeneration process.

Anaesthetic component (Menths L. Oil) quickly removes the unpleasant pain in damaged areas

Clinical trials

1. REPORT OF THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: Evaluation of clinical efficiency of DiaDerm product group on patients with diabetes. Department of Dermatovenerology and Clinical Mycology, Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, Moscow.

2. CLINICAL TRIALS of DiaDerm creams (DiaVit® product group)on patients with diabetes. City Diabetic Centre, Samara


Aluminium tube 46 ml with information leaflet

Aluminium tube provides better conservation for natural active ingredients.

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