DiaDerm Intensive Foot Cream, 10% Urea

DiaDerm Intensive Foot Cream, 10% Urea

Indications for use:

Very dry skin, dry calluses, rubs, hyperkeratosis.


DiaDerm Intensive Foot Cream, 10% Urea contains urea at high concentration - 10%. It provides safe and effective removal of calluses and rubs.

Method of application:

Every morning and (or) in the evening apply on clean feet skin, rub until completely absorbed. Do not use for damaged skin.

Active ingredients

Urea (10%) + Lactic Acid complex softens rough skin, provides keratolytic effect and safe removal of calluses.

Metabolic complex (vitamins A, E, F) improves metabolic processes and accelerates the epithelium recovery.

Moisture-holding component (Urea) and oils (Olive, Avocado, Jojoba) intensely soften and provide the prolonging skin moisturizing effect.

Clinical trials

1. CLINICAL TRIALS of DiaDerm creams (DiaVit® product group)on patients with diabetes .City Diabetic Centre, Samara


Aluminium tube 75 ml with information leaflet.

Aluminium tube provides better conservation for natural active ingredients.

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