DiaDerm Softening Foot Cream

DiaDerm Softening Foot Cream

Indications for use:

Extremely dry and rough feet skin


DiaDerm Softening Foot Cream effectively nourishes, moisturizes and softens skin, reduces excessive cornification, calluses and cracks. Variety of natural ingredients normalizes metabolic processes of the skin and provides proper cells nutrition.

Method of application:

Every morning and (or) in the evening apply the cream on clean feet skin, rub until completely absorbed.

Active ingredients:

Moisture-holding complex (Urea, Allantoin, Glycerol) intensely softens the horny layer of the skin, helps to reduce hyperkeratosis (excessive thickening of the horny layer of the skin) and prevents its further development.

Lipid complex (Avocado, Sunflower, Coconut Oils) supplies skin with missing lipids, prevents excessive loss of moisture.

Antibacterial complex (Salvia L.Oil, Camphor, Farnesol) protects skin from bacterial infection.

Metabolic complex (Vitamins A, E, F) improves metabolic processes and accelerates the epithelium recovery.

Regenerating complex (Mentha L. Oil, Calendula officinalisF. and Ricinuscommunis L. Extracts, Salvia L. Oil) accelerates the tissue regeneration.

Clinical trials

1. REPORT OF THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH:Evaluation of clinical efficiency of DiaDerm product groupon patients with diabetes. Department of Dermatovenerology and Clinical Mycology, Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, Moscow.

2. CLINICAL TRIALS of DiaDerm creams (DiaVit® product group)on patients with diabetes . City Diabetic Centre, Samara


Aluminium tube 75 ml with information leaflet.

Aluminium tube provides betterconservation for natural active ingredients

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