CLINICAL AND LABORATORY TRIALS Individual Oral Hygiene Product DiaDent Gingival Balm (DiaVit® product group)

Conducted by: Centre of Therapeutic Dentistry, Department of Therapeutic Dentistry, Pavlov State Medical University of Saint Petersburg

Purpose of the research: evaluation of the effects claimed by the manufacturer:

- Efficiency of mouth mucosa moistening;

- Changes in viscosity of saliva;

- Response to the main groups of microorganisms

Selected individuals: 20 diabetes (type 2) patients, 20 Centre of Therapeutic Dentistry patients without diabetes

Dates: 2012, June-July


DiaDent Gingival Balm has been clinically proven to have following medical effects:

1. Mouth mucosa moisturizing effect:

- increase in mouth mucosa moistening of 22.61% at healthy individuals and of 12.96% at individuals in diabetes has been observed

- decrease in viscosity of saliva of 15.67% at healthy individuals and of 11.53% at individuals in diabetes has been observed

2. Significant bactericidal effect against Candida albicans was stated

3. Significant antimicrobial effect against S.aureus, E.coli, P.aeruginosa was stated

Therefore, DiaDent Gingival Balm (DiaVit® product group) is a therapeutic product appropriate for improved oral hygiene. It has been clinically proved by the decrease in mouth dryness. Furthermore, prevention of infections development (including Candidiasis) effect was stated.

DiaDent Gingival Balm is a highly effective health product for patients in diabetes as well as for people suffering from xerostomia and halitosis.