CLINICAL TRIALS Individual Oral Hygiene Product DiaDent REGULAR Mouthwash (DiaVit® product group)

Conducted by: Centre of Therapeutic Dentistry, Department of Therapeutic Dentistry, Pavlov State Medical University of Saint Petersburg

Purpose of the research: evaluation of the therapeutic effects claimed by the manufacturer:

- Anticaries efficacy;

- Anti-inflammatory efficacy;

Selected individuals: 20 diabetes (type 2) patients, 20 Centre of Therapeutic Dentistry patients without diabetes

Dates: 2011, October-November


DiaDent REGULAR Mouthwash possesses following therapeutic effect:

1. Anticaries efficacy:

- Reduction in teeth electrical conductivity was observed from 4.00 to 2.50;

- Increase in anticaries efficacy was detected and amounted to 37.5%

2. Anti-inflammatory efficacy:

- Decrease in PMA index from 5.04 to 2.37 was observed after one month of the study;

- Increase in anti-inflammatory efficiency was detected and amounted up to 52.98% after one month of the study

Clinical measurements:

1. Organoleptic measurements (taste, smell, etc.) – lack of negative feelings

2. Neither allergenic nor local irritant effects were observed during the one month study on patients with diabetes.

Therefore DiaDent REGULAR Toothpaste (DiaVit® product group) possesses therapeutic and preventive effects.