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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease which causes negative effect on the entire human body. Life of people suffering from diabetes is complicated not only because of the necessity of constant monitoring of blood glucose levels, but also because of unpleasant symptoms of the disease appearing on the skin and in the mouth.

Metabolic disorders cause skin dryness, hyperkeratosis, appearance of cracks, diminution in the process of tissue regeneration. A weakened immune system leads to high risk of damaged skin infection. Particular attention should be given to the foot skin care, since the development of severe complication called “diabetic foot” might cause leg amputation.

The regular and proper oral care is also very important for diabetic patients. Nerves and blood vessels damage leads to disruption of tissues supply and increased tooth sensitivity. Teeth are often seriously damaged by caries, while gums are affectedby gingivitis and periodontitis.

AVANTA was one of the first Russian companies to take into account the skin and oral care problems of diabetic patients in Russia.

The purpose of the DiaVit®is better quality of life in diabetes. We work on this program since 2004. DiaVit®is a result of hard work of dozens of people.

We have studied the statistics of morbidity and complications of diabetes, conducted the major study of thepatients’ needs, questioned endocrinologists and dentists. The best products available for diabetic people in USA and Western Europe were thoroughly examined. The result was the list of special goods and services that diabetic patients need. We first started working on cosmetic products for skin, teeth and gums. In 2006 the DiaDermproducts for skin care were developed. A bit later the DiaDent- oral health care products for diabetic patients - appeared in pharmacies.

Creams anddentifrices were developed in cooperation with endocrinologists, dermatologists and dentists.A distinctive feature of the DiaVit® products is a high concentration of natural ingredients: essential oils and herbal extracts.

Clinical trials proved the high efficiency of our products, which received the highest score and were recommended for use in diabetes.Every day DiaVit®helps thousands of people in Russia and CIS to make their lives better. It is the best reward for us.

We wish you health and success.

The DiaDerm line of creams is designed to address the main skin problems in diabetes. Dryness, excessive formation of dry calluses, keratinized skin with cracks in the heels - foot care with special foot creams - DiaDerm Softening Foot CreamDiaDerm Intensive Foot Cream, 10% UreaDiaDerm Protective Foot Cream – help to improve skin condition and prevent the development of severe diabetic foot syndrome. DiaDerm Regenerating Cream cream will close the micro-wound after insulin injection and blood sampling for analysis. An effective treatment for diabetic diaper rash is DiaDerm Body Cream – Talc.

DiaDent REGULAR Toothpaste designed specifically for regular, daily oral care for diabetes, for the prevention of dental and gum disease. But if the problem has already appeared, then the complex DiaDent ACTIVE has powerful antibacterial effect, stops gum bleeding, strengthens periodontal tissues

You can buy DiaVit cosmetic products only in pharmacies or diabetic stores.

Specialized products DiaDerm and DiaDent will help make daily skin and oral care a good habit, improve the quality of life and avoid the development of a number of serious complications of diabetes.

The company "Avanta" became one of the first local companies to pay attention to the problem of diabetes in our country

First of all, we started working on cosmetic products for skin, teeth and gums. In 2006, the series was created DiaDerm for the health of the skin, a little later on the shelves of pharmacies, a series DiaDent to care for your teeth and gums when diabetes mellitus.

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